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All rights on 5 continents

5CoMedia focuses on the sale and distribution of film rights over five continents. We represent international media organisations, producers and catalogues, from clip material to films. 5CoMedia manages license agreements and the delivery of analogue and digital material.

With a highly skilled and experienced team of international freelance agents we provide the best advice for your media needs.

5CoMedia offers a premium short-film and footage service covering thousands of in-depth, high quality, entertaining HD Clips from a broad range of genres. All rights are cleared worldwide for unlimited use in all media.

Our automobile clips are covering the latest in international car technology, models, trade shows, world premieres, history and innovative news.

With an extensive library of over 700 episodes ranging in length of 3 to 7 minutes, the automobile clips are targeted to media industry professionals who want quick and instant content for TV reports, mobile platforms, inflight or as video clips on the internet. Two new clips are produced weekly providing you with the most up to date information in the world of automobiles.

The World of Cooking: 5CoMedia offers more than 150 how-to videos explaining new and old kitchen tricks gathered from the greatest chefs. With a consistent look and host-free these one minute clips are a great ad-on for cooking shows, websites, apps or enhanced e-books.

5CoMedia offers a premium short film and footage service aimed at media-industry professionals who want a quick and economical way of producing, improving or expanding their products.